Padre Offensive Woes

Last night, San Diego was threatened with a no-hitter, as Giant hurler Tim Lincecum kept them from getting a hit until the seventh inning.

Tonight, they were no-hit, by Jonathan Sanchez. It would’ve been a perfect game had Juan Uribe not made an error in the eighth.

So far, so obvious.

Let’s walk it back a bit. When was the last time the Pads got a hit in any of the following innings? Well .

1st inning – July 2
2nd inning – July 8.
3rd inning – July 5.
4th inning – July 8.
5th inning – July 7.
6th inning – July 7.
7th inning – July 9.
8th inning – July 6.
9th inning – July 8.

Yeah, it’s been over a week (with a game played every day) since their last first inning hit.

In some ways, it’s worse than that. They haven’t scored a first inning run in two weeks, since June 26. That was also the last time their game’s lead-off hitter got a hit.


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