Who’s next, Tony Gwynn?

Earlier, I mentioned that the Padres hired Ken Caminiti as a part-time coach. Now they’ve re-signed Andy Ashby, in what looks like an attempt to re-construct the team that won the ’98 pennant. Caminiti hit 29 homers for the ’98 Padres, and Ashby won 17 games. Two other guys from that team, Sterling Hitchcock and […]

Caminiti back in baseball

The Padres have hired Ken Caminiti as a spring training coach. Considering how recent his steroid comments and cocaine problems are, I’m a little surprised to see Caminiti back in the game so soon. Caminiti said that his recovery since the cocaine arrest (in spring 2002) has “been a good cleanup period for me.”

The First Scouting Report

Tangotiger, the analyst extraordinaire at Baseball Primer, has been coordinating an effort to gather and report fielding reports from us fans. This is a great idea which, combined with fielding metrics like Zone Rating and UZR, will tell us a lot about major league fielders. You can review the first results of his study here. […]

Verducci on Bud, Big Mac, and Eric Chavez

Bud Selig recently told Jim Gray, “I don’t think at this point I will do anything relative to Mark McGwire’s records” unless “some day there’s a lot more relevant knowledge.” At the bottom of his column yesterday, Tom Verducci had a nice response to that statement from the Commish. Verducci concludes, “… unless Selig has […]

Selig gets Bowie Kuhn Syndrome

According to Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle, Bud Selig is considering invoking his “best interests of the game” powers to implement a sterner steroid testing policy. I think this has about as much chance of succeeding as an attempt by Selig to unilaterally impose a salary cap. Selig is, I assume, trying to leverage […]

Happy Birthday, Bill Mueller!

Besides being Bill Mueller’s birthday, March 17 is also my birthday. In honor of my having survived another 365 days (along with Mueller), here’s a list of some of the top players born on March 17 (courtesy of Baseball-Reference.com, and in random order): Mueller, of course (the 2003 AL batting champ) Hank Sauer (1952 NL […]

“Mentally a Met”

Tom Glavine’s wife says of her husband, “Mentally, he’s a Met now.” Is this a good thing? The Mets party line is that Glavine’s going to have a bounce-back season in 2004, but I don’t buy it. His strikeout rate is dangerously low (4.03 per 9 innings), and he’s 38 years old. Will he reach […]

Osborne takes over as Yanks’ 5th starter

With Jon Lieber sidelined with a groin problem, the current Yankees fifth starter is none other than Donovan Osborne. Yeah, the old Cardinals pitcher from the mid-’90s. Osborne hasn’t topped 100 innings since 1996, and he’s pitched just 16 innings (with a 6.19 ERA) this millennium. Lieber should be back early enough that Osborne won’t […]

Chavvy to sign?

ESPN.com reported earlier today (or yesterday, if you’re on the East Coast, or reading this on Tuesday rather than Monday) that the A’s are about to sign Eric Chavez to a six-year, $66 million extension. I think this is a nice deal for Oakland. At 26, Chavez is just entering his prime, and he’s been […]

Concerns about player safety?  What, me worry?

Looks like the Mexican fans weren’t too happy with the nine-inning tie the Marlins and Astros played yesterday in Mexico City. Fans pelted the players with bottles, cups and seat cushions after the game was called. In further news, Jeffrey Loria thought the series was so successful that he wants to play regular-season games in […]

Jose Reyes pulls a hammy

The Mets’ exciting young player, Jose Reyes, has pulled a hamstring again. No timetable yet on his return. This has got to be a real concern for Mets fans. It looks as though Reyes may have chronic leg and hamstring problems. Meanwhile, Mike Cameron has a bone spur in his foot and Kaz Matsui has […]

Craig’s College Pitchers Evaluation

Here is Craig’s pitcher evaluation, too. There is a healthy debate going on at battersbox, regarding the usefulness of these stats. As Robert says, we don’t know much about the relationship of college performance to major league performance. Yet.

Batter’s Box – Statistical Evaluations of College Hitters

Our own Craig Burley does some terrific work here. I’m sure the cutting-edge teams have already done this in-house, but I don’t think the public has ever seen data like this. I await the rest of the series. I think the next big thing down this path will be college MLEs (or something similar). I […]