10th anniversary: the Don Zimmer-Pedro Martinez fight

10 years ago today, one of the more unlikely and memorable bench clearing brawls happened. On Oct. 11, 2013, aged Yankees coach Don Zimmer charged ace Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez. It went about as well as you’d expect when a 72-year-old tries to fight a professional athlete. It was Game Three of the ALCS […]

About Andy Pafko, from one fan

We often speak of “baseball immortals,” but of course they aren’t. Former major league players are mortal, just like the rest of us. When we read that one has died, we may say to ourselves, “Oh, I remember him,” perhaps picturing a baseball card we had as a kid. Sometimes, for some reason, we identify […]

Brent Strom hired as Astros’ pitching coach

Brent Strom, formerly of the St. Louis Cardinals, has been hired as the Houston Astros big league pitching coach. I first heard the story through the SB Nation blog The Crawfish Boxes, where there’s a great bunch of comments about the hiring. A poster questioned whether Strom was a good pitching coach (in an inquisitive—not […]

WPS recap: LDS, 10/4/2013

As busy a day of October baseball as we can have. Opening ceremonies will be cut short so we can move straight to the game action. Game 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 F Pirates 0 1 2 0 2 0 1 1 0 7 Cardinals 0 0 0 0 1 0 […]

WPS recap: NLDS, 10/3/2013

The playoffs move into high gear, beginning with the National League. Wednesday night’s win by the Rays punctured a potential bit of trivia. Had Cleveland taken the game, it would have meant that all eight teams remaining in the playoffs were “original” teams, ones that had been around since the American League became a major […]

WPS recap: 2013 AL Wild Card Game

Another October day, another baseball playoff game. I hope you have enjoyed the gentle pace so far, because it is about to move into a brisk trot, with a break-neck gallop on Friday and quite possibly Monday. I will be providing my WPS analysis throughout, however many games get hurled at us. It can’t get […]

WPS recap, 2013 NL Wild Card Game

The actual playoffs have begun, after yesterday’s tiebreaker teaser. Whether you consider the WPS recap for the Rays and Rangers a warm-up or not, I have to hit the ground running now. The regular season may be compared to a marathon, but the postseason can be a pretty long distance, too, especially if you’re watching […]

WPS recap: AL Wild Card tiebreaker

It’s playoff season again, and like last year, I’m doing reviews of all the postseason fun here at THT Live. Also like last year, I’m using my Win Percentage Sum (WPS) system, built to measure game excitement, as a foundation for my own comments. For a short refresher on how WPS works, check the start […]

And That Happened

Marlins 1, Tigers 0: It’s not often a 100-loss team ends the year with a beer shower celebration. But it’s not often a guy on a 100-loss team — or any team for that matter — throws a no-hitter on the final day while winning via a walkoff wild pitch. Congratulations Henderson Alvarez. Sorry about […]

And That Happened

Rangers 6, Angels 5: They were up then down then bang! Jurickson Profar with the walkoff blast. This one would’ve been way easier, however, if Mitch Moreland, Ian Kinsler and Adrian Beltre all hadn’t committed errors in the second inning, allowing three unearned runs. But it was a must-win game and the Rangers won. Indians 6, Twins 5: A win, […]

10th anniversary: massive Tigers comeback to avoid infamy

10 years ago today, the worst season any team has had in the last 50 years had its greatest moment of joy. 10 years ago today, the 2003 Tigers made a tremendous comeback to ensure they wouldn’t set a new modern record for losses in a season. 120 losses is the modern barrier no team […]

And That Happened

Tigers 1, Twins 0: The Tigers finally clinch the AL Central. It was a nail-biter, though, as they scored their lone run in the first inning and then held off the Twins all night long. Best part of their celebration? For the second year in a row Max Scherzer rocked the goggles with two different […]

And That Happened

Indians 5, White Sox 4: Unbelievable. Chris Perez blows a save in the top of the ninth and the ancient Jason Giambi picks him and the Indians up in the bottom, smacking a two-run walkoff homer. Still life in that old bat. Still life in the Indians, who remain in Wild Card position. Rangers 3, […]

10th anniversary: Carlos Delgado’s four-homer game

Ten years ago today, veteran slugger Carlos Delgado had the game of his life. On Sept. 25, 2003, Delgado became just the 15th player to hit four home runs in one game. On that date, Delgado’s Blue Jays were playing out their string of a season in which they had done okay, though they were […]

And That Happened

Pirates 2, Cubs 1: And with that the Pirates are going to the playoffs. It’s so strange, though, how even though it’s the franchise that has lost for the past 20 years — even though it’s just the laundry that has been shut out so long — that we sort of passively put all that […]

25th anniversary: Bizarre hop ruins Stieb’s no-hitter

25 years ago today was a disappointing day for Blue Jays ace Dave Stieb. Well, there were plenty of good things about it. He got the win, and a starting pitcher always likes that. He got a complete game; pitchers take pride in that. He even got a shutout, and that’s a feather in anyone’s […]

30th anniversary: Steve Carlton’s 300th win

Thirty years ago today, one of baseball’s great milestones was achieved. Longtime Phillies ace Steve Carlton joined the 300-win club, becoming just the 16th member of the club. Eleven of the members played the heart of their careers in either the 19th century or the Deadball Era. Walter Johnson became the club’s 10th member in […]

And That Happened

Orioles 5, Red Sox 3: Chris Davis with a two-run single in the 12th to win the game. Wei-Yin Chen gave up 11 hits but somehow only three runs in five and two-thirds. Baltimore remains one back in the Wild Card. The Sox’ magic number for the division remains at three. Braves 5, Nationals 2: They’re […]

And That Happened

Rangers 7, Rays 1: The Rangers finally snap the skid. Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus homered and drove in three runs each to pull Texas back into a tie with Tampa Bay at the top of the Wild Card standings. Indians 5, Royals 3: Kansas City took a 3-0 lead into the sixth with the Indians […]

20th anniversary: Nightmare Red Sox loss

Twenty years ago today, the Boston Red Sox suffered a loss from hell. It wasn’t the most important or meaningful loss in franchise history. It isn’t up there with the Bucky Dent or Aaron Boone games. But of all the painful losses in meaningless regular-season games, it was among the most horrible. On Sept. 18, […]