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Just a reminder, it’s important. A significant amount of a pitcher’s value is tied to his ability to hit, which we have a pretty good idea how to measure. Yet for some reason we leave hitting production out of our pitcher valuations. So I’ll add StatCorner’s pitching runs above average, hitting runs above average using a wOBA around .180 as average, and I might as well include the +/- fielding runs above average to come up with one total value. Dan Haren, Josh Johnson, and Carlos Zambrano can hit. Tommy Hanson has two hits in 46 plate appearances. Here are the notable names I came up with.

Zack Greinke680169
Tim Lincecum531-351
Justin Verlander46-1349
Felix Hernandez430244
Dan Haren367144
Roy Halladay440-242
Chris Carpenter393-140
Jon Lester36-1237
Javier Vazquez342237
Adam Wainwright314-134
Ubaldo Jimenez325-532
CC Sabathia290332
Joel Pineiro290130
Josh Johnson257-230
Brett Anderson270128
Scott Baker28-1027
Wandy Rodriguez27-2126
Carlos Zambrano177125
Mark Buehrle811120
Tommy Hanson12-419
Brian Moehler-2-50-7
Ross Ohlendorf-1-5-1-7
Jon Garland-9-54-9
Micah Owings-1880-10
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  1. Jeremy Greenhouse said...

    Yes, that’s accurate, and it’s why I included him. He’s been worth five runs in the field over any other pitcher.

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