PITCHf/x data from Arizona Fall League

Per MLBAM’s Cory Schwartz, the Arizona Fall League has PITCHf/x camera systems operational at the Surprise and Peoria parks. PITCHf/x data will be available for all your favorite AFL participants, including Phillippe Aumont, Ian Kennedy, and, perhaps, super-uber-star prospect Stephen Strasburg and everyone’s favorite Phillies minor league blogger Michael Schwimer, if the stars align so that either pitches at Surprise or Peoria.

Raw XML-format PITCHf/x data can be found here.

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  1. Mike Fast said...

    Nick, it will with a small modification to tell it spider the data from the Winter League (“win”) directory rather than the “mlb” directory.

  2. garik16 said...

    Nick, it will, but you’ll need to change the directory.  The directory for the AFL is under /win/ (for winter ball) as opposed to /mlb/

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