Pitching Line Drives

Yesterday, we showed you the batters who have been most successful hitting line drives this season. How about pitchers, you ask? Well, here is a list of all American League teams, ranked by the number of line drives they have yielded per at bat so far this year.

BAL      .110
DET      .132
BOS      .140
TBD      .148
MIN      .149
CHW      .154
TEX      .155
CLE      .155
SEA      .160
NYY      .160
TOR      .168
ANA      .174
KC       .182
OAK      .185

You may have noticed at least one irony: the team with the lowest ERA in the league has been giving up the highest percentage of line drives. Of course, it helps to give up the least walks and home runs, too. But perhaps those Oakland fielders should be getting some credit.

All of our data comes from Baseball Info Solutions.

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