Playin’ FanDuels

The Hardball Times is sponsoring a game over at FanDuel. I’m not one for fantasy sports, but the format of this game intrigues me so I’ve decided to give it a shot.

The setup is really pretty easy—you don’t have to join a league or draft players or do anything complicated like that. You simply select players from a particular day’s games and FanDuels does the rest. You only have to play for one day if you’d like, or you can go to the site each day and select all over again.

The strategy is pretty straightforward. You have to fill each position, and dollar figures are set by FanDuels. So it’s a matter of deciding which players you think will do well that day (based partially on opposing pitcher and ballpark, natch) and try to find guys you think will do better than FanDuels’ values. Click on their names and hit “Enter.” Done.

There are cash prizes for winners, so it costs some money to sign up for a slot of games. But FanDuels has set up a free game in which you can butt heads against our fantasy expert, Derek Carty. You’ll not only win cash prizes for finishing at or near the top, but you’ll also win $5 just for finishing ahead of Derek.

I’ve signed up myself. I won’t pay you if you beat me, but it will be fun anyway. I’ll let you know how I do.

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