Quiz results: Indians victories

Let’s get straight to the voting results.

Indians victories     Percentage
Fewer than 72               1.4%
72-79                      23.6%
80-86                      48.6%
87-92                      23.6%
More than 92                1.4%

One cool thing about the results is their perfect symmetry. The exact same (tiny) number of votes came in for the two extremes, and an equal number were cast for the “72-79″ and “87-92″ categories. Of course, nearly half the voters indicated Cleveland would finish maybe a touch better than .500.

One downside is that nearly half the voters indicated Cleveland would finish maybe a touch better than .500. That’s just boring. Maybe it’s accurate, and maybe it’s my fault for the way I set up the ranges, but it’s still boring. Just a scant few people went out on a limb this time.

Not that I’m blaming any of you too terribly much. I picked “72-79″ myself. I just expected some adamant Cleveland fans to say the Tribe would run away with the division, while Tigers and White Sox fans would hammer the Indians down to a sub-.450 winning percentage.

The other downside is that the number of votes cast has dropped in half from the first to the second pop quiz and again from the second to the third. At this rate, pretty soon it will be just me and my mom voting, and she only does so because otherwise I’ll pout and refuse to clean my basement bedroom.

I have another quiz planned for Monday, so I implore you: Let your voices be heard! Tell your friends, add your comments, and cast your vote. Otherwise, the pop quiz will go the way of the dodo.

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  1. Duane Wallin said...

    When I responded to your quiz I said the Indians would falter and finish below .500.  That was about a week and a half ago.  Since that time the Twins have taken 7 1/2 games off the Indians lead which now includes the Tigers.  The Indians have a sparkling 1-8 record. You are still thinking only of the Tigers and White Sox fighting it out with the Indians.  The Twins are coming on strong and by the All-Star break I believe that they will be nearing a .500 record or at leaast a shout of it.  That would be an accomplishment.  After San Diego the Twins play the White Sox.  If they continue hot in those two series they will be breathing down everyone’s neck and we all know what that meant for the front runners the past few years.  Go Twins.

  2. Duane Wallin said...

    In addition to my earlier comments, the Twins are playing without most of their best players.  It will interesting when they get the M and M boys, Thome, Span,Nathan and our guy from the Orient back.  Hmmmm!

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