Random Dave Weathers info

How would you like to learn some random tidbits about a player not worth learning about?

Goodie. Here it is.

Dave Weathers is in some ways the consummate journeyman reliever. He recently finished a four-plus year stint with the Reds, which is the longest he spent in one town in his 19-year career. Random facts about his career:

He’s plied his trade for nine different franchises, and had multiple tours with three of them.

He’s second in career games pitched among all current players. Strangely, the only guy ahead of him is a teammate, Trever Hoffman.

Despite being 17th all-time in games pitched, he’s not among the top ten with any individual franchise (unless I missed it). He’s tied for ninth most wild pitches in Marlins history, though. He’s got that going for him.

He’s pitched against every team. They all got at least one hit against him. The Rays are the only team that never had a batter fanned by him. He’s 8-0 lifetime against the Reds. No wonder they kept him on their roster for so long.

He pitched in 44 different ballparks. His only game in Camden was one of his rare starts. The Kingdome is the only place he never allowed a hit and Safeco Field is the only one in which he never recorded a strikeout.

He’s worked with 47 catchers. No runner ever stole a base against the might Dave Weathers – Paul Bako combination, even though Weathers faced 146 batters with Bako behind the plate.

This has no point. I just found it interesting.

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  1. J.R. said...

    Man, what’s with all the David Weathers hate over at THT? “Not worth learning about”? At least you’re not (laughably) saying he’s one of the worst pitchers in baseball this time. Is he buddies with Jeff Francoeur or something? Here’s another interesting tidbit: at age 39, in his 19th major league season, he (until today) was enjoying the lowest WHIP of his career (now just barely 2nd). Not something you see every day.

  2. Kinanik said...

    In his first nine seasons, he never posted an ERA+ over 100. In the next ten (including this year), he never had an ERA+ under 100.

    He’s a quality, if marginal, pitcher. The reason he gets traded around so much is because he plays an important, but not critical role – so he fits in on almost any team.

  3. Chris J. said...

    Sorry if it came off like hate for Weathers.  That wasn’t my goal. 

    I was just randomly posting info that I found interesting about a player who in the grand scheme of MLB isn’t all that important – that is to say, not generally important enough to engage in random info dumps on his behalf with no greater point than a random info dump.  Sorry if that came off needlessly harsh toward David Weathers. 

    That said, a person can be a serious baseball fan and get away with not learning about Dave Weathers.

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