Sign up with Fanduel and get THT Forecasts for free

If you like fantasy baseball, we’ve got a sweet deal for you. Sign up for a new account with Fanduel, the daily fantasy gaming site, and receive a full-season subscription to THT Forecasts for free! It’s a great combination: play a daily game on Fanduel and use THT Forecasts to get the latest player projections as they’re updated during the season. You’ll be hard to beat.

There’s a two step process here:

– First, sign up for a THT Forecasts account on this page. After you register your name, DO NOT sign up for a subscription. Instead…
Go to this Fanduel page and sign up for a Fanduel account. You’ll be asked to deposit some money toward future games, but there is no other fee involved.

Within 48 hours, we will turn on your THT Forecasts account for free. That’s all there is to it.

You can read more about THT Forecasts and also investigate what Fanduel is all about. We’ve written about daily fantasy gaming and Fanduel before; it’s a fun, easy way to play fantasy baseball throughout the year. Combined with THT Forecasts, we think you’ll have an enjoyable and successful time with it.

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