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Our friends at ACTA Sports will be publishing both Hardball Times books this year: the 2008 THT Annual, a retrospective review of the 2007 season, and the THT 2008 Season Preview, which will include forecasts and projections for all major leaguers, as well as team capsules from the very best baseball bloggers, experts on their teams.

You can purchase both books now by ordering the Annual here and then purchasing the Season Preview by following the link at the bottom of the page. Plus, you will receive a 10% discount when you enter the code “HTC08″ in the form.

So you now have three reasons to order the THT books from ACTA right now:

– 10% off
– You’ll receive them most promptly when you order directly from ACTA
– Purchasing the books from ACTA is the best way to support the Hardball Times.

We don’t ask for donations—much—but it does cost us money to pay for the site, purchase the stats and publish the books. Purchasing the books from ACTA, while it costs a bit more than Amazon, helps us more. So please help us, and yourself, by ordering from ACTA today.

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