Spring Break Links

I’m off for Spring Break, as are many college students. To celebrate, here are some sweet baseball links:

-Milton Bradley received a questionable ejection yesterday. At least it didn’t get his spirits down.

-Please welcome Morgan Ensberg to the baseball blogging world. He’s already put up some impressive stuff.

-To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we get a look at some notable Irish baseball players.

-Two Yankee-related interviews. One with Senior VP Mark Newman at Minor League Ball, the other with Cliff Corcoran of Bronx Banter over at The Baseball Analysts.

-What can spray charts tell us about players with wrist injuries?

-Jeremy Greenhouse tells us about Kevin Jepsen’s stuff.

-Spring Training facilities are not the sandlots they used to be.

-Would Elijah Dukes be a good fit in either the Bronx or Queens?

-Career 130 wRC+ versus righties struggling to make roster spot of last year’s worst team in baseball.

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