Stephenson #2 all-time in college wins

Yesterday, Wichita State beat Southern Illinois in the first game of a doubleheader, giving coach Gene Stephenson his 1,428th career victory (all with Wichita State). The win moved Stephenson into second place on the all-time college wins list, ahead of former Texas coach Cliff Gustafson.

Stephenson is less than 40 wins behind the #1 guy, current Texas coach Augie Garrido (who has 1,465), but Garrido is still racking up victories (his Longhorns are the #1 team in the country). Garrido is 65 years old, so he’s probably only got a few more years of coaching left. Stephenson, meanwhile, is 58, and will likely pass Garrido for #1 all-time before he’s through.

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