Team Graphs ‘n Stats

The Team graphs and stats have been updated through games of June 10. Here are a few observations:

– The Expos continue to be very good at preventing runs and terrible at scoring runs, messing up my NL graphs. Actually, the run prevention part is interesting. Their FIP is slightly below average, but their DER is the best in the league. This would normally lead you to believe that their fielding is most responsible for that good run prevention record.

However, Expo pitchers have only given up lines drives at a .153 rate, which is way low — twenty points lower than the next team. So their pitchers do deserve a lot of credit for preventing those runs.

– Six teams in the American League — Chicago, Oakland, New York, Boston, Texas, and Anaheim — are actually very similar in terms of runs scored and allowed. I’ve circled them on the AL Runs chart to point this out.

– In the American League divisional races, three teams have collided for the AL West lead, and the Twins and White Sox have met again atop the AL Central.

– In the National League divisional races, the Central continues to be a mess, while the other two divisions have not changed much recently.

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