That’s link-tastic!

Some of the more interesting things going on around the interwebs:

-A free player injury database courtesy of Josh Hermseyer. Let me echo the rest of the known world when I say thanks, Josh.

-Three really cool interviews. One with new Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos and the other with the Senior Quantitative Analyst for the Cardinals, Sig Mejdal. Oh, and NoMaas talks to Brian Cashman about his rapping abilities.

-Tired of those young saber kids talking in that slang you just don’t understand? Well, you can either tell ‘em to amscray or find out just what they’re talking about.

-DRays Bay has an amazing 129-page annual out…and it’s free! Well, what are you waiting for?

-Why in the world did American baseball players wear swastikas on their caps during the 20th century? The incredible answer.

-Jonah Keri and Bloomberg Baseball have gone live.

Jeff Sullivan has a plan.

-Want to learn more about salary arbitration? Jeff Aberle gives some great insight.

-Our own Jeremy Greenhouse digs in and looks at the Verducci Effect.

-The best college hitters since 2007 in a great format.

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