The 2007 Fan Scouting Report

If you’re going to use human eyes to evaluate defense, you can trust the word of a few scouts who only get a chance to watch a player a few times a year…or you can ask every single baseball fan on the planet. How can you do the latter? By participating in Tangotiger’s 2007 Fan Scouting Report. This is the fifth year that Tango has done it, and if you haven’t participated before, now is the time.

Hop on over to Tango’s website and fill out the Fan Scouting Report for those players you watch frequently. Are you a Phillies Phan? Then lay into Pat Burell’s lead glove. More of a Royals rooter? Let the world know how special Tony Pena is. You can rate players across a variety of categories, including instincts, speed, arm strength, and more.

Per Tango’s instructions, “You are the scout.” You just didn’t have an outlet before. Now you do.

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