The Astros have won 12 straight

The Houston Astros have won twelve straight games, and they now have a slight lead in the wildcard race. This is an amazing streak for a team that seemed out of it a month ago. Our Team Spotlight takes a closer look.

FYI, here’s a list of all teams, ranked by the number of games they have won since August 1st:

BOS   28
STL   26
ATL   23
HOU   23
ANA   22
OAK   22
FLO   20
MIN   20
NYY   20
SFG   20
LAD   19
MON   18
BAL   18
TEX   18
CHC   17
CHW   17
PHI   17
CLE   16
SDP   16
PIT   14
COL   13
DET   13
TOR   13
CIN   12
KC    12
SEA   12
NYM   11
ARI    9
MIL    9
TBD    9
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