The best defenders of the decade by UZR

MGL gives us some great data.

So the best defender of the decade, in terms of overall runs saved, is Andruw Jones, with 161 runs saved. If you look at runs saved per 150 defensive games, given at least 500 defensive games, the leader is… Andruw Jones, at +20 per. If you combine runs saved with positional value, then the best is still Andruw Jones. Last year, Andruw played DH for much of the year… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player age so fast.

Scott Rolen, Adrian Beltre, Chase Utley and Doug Mientkiewicz also had great decades.

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  1. Zack M said...

    it’s truly amazing how Andruw went from hitting 50 homeruns and being the best CF in the game to a part time DH at best.

  2. Curacao said...

    I think that Andruw’s problem was that he over played his body. Go and check who had the most played games without injury from ‘98 till 2005. Those are stats that don’t pay. It’s very sad to see him go from that to this. But we have faith that Ozzie will give him some play time and he’ll eventually will come back.

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