The Hardball Times graphical report

As some of you know, the Hardball Times posted team stats and graphs the last six years, a practice we had to cancel this year when our economics could no longer support purchasing the data. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get them to you ever since, and I think I’ve hit on a format that might work for you and me. (Readable for you, manageable workload for me).

Announcing…the Hardball Times Graphical Report. It’s a nine-page Adobe Acrobat file that consists of a cover story (stolen from THT’s pages this week) along with division standings and twelve different awesome graphs. Download it here:

The Hardball Times Graphical Report

All the information is current through yesterday’s games. I haven’t added any commentary to the graphs—perhaps I should. They’re not exactly intuitive, but I do think they’re very useful and worth a little work.

Anyway, what do you think? Is this download worth it to you? What would you like to see added or done differently? Gimme feedback.

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  1. lieiam said...

    awesome! thanks for doing this. i especially enjoy the divison standing graphs (i’ve been missing them this year).

  2. Katie said...

    I love this. It is a really quick-and-easy way to see what makes a team bad, good, or just plain average. Can you provide daily updates?  Commentary would be great, but maybe just once a week, to highlight trends for certain teams maybe.

  3. Bobby Mueller said...

    This is awesome, even for a Pittsburgh Pirates fan like myself (man, they are brutal and lucky to have won 7 more games than they should have).

  4. eric errickson said...

    As a newbie I am much impressed with the clarity and scope of the data.  I like them just as they are.  Let me dig out the results on my own.  CWS are on a roll and my Twins are reeling…After the Twins recent series with Rays my respect for them grows….what a great season…thanks

  5. Jacob Rothberg said...

    The power/obp graph for the AL is shocking. Seeing the freakish season the Jays have put up so far is just unbelievable.

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