The Raines Delay

Some links for the fast-approaching weekend….

This one is for all you Rich Lederer fans out there.

Think that player salaries always go up? Not so fast. Shawn Hoffman at BP examines the relationship between player salaries and America’s GDP, concluding that the free agent class of 2012 should start cashing in while the best deals will happen in 2011. This one’s a little old, but it won’t go bad for another 10 months.

Murray Chass goes after Patrick Sullivan for making statistics-centered arguments. Chass prefers his arguments centered around ERA, Wins, and opposing on-base percentage–you know, anti-statistics. Sullivan responds as only he can.

Saw this one Tango’s blog. The article linked makes it sound very interesting, but the comments from Tango’s post made me less inclined to read it. You decide.

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  1. Medieval Historian said...

    The old-school writers are the “scholastics,” relentlessly searching for an “authority” that can provide the answers. They were challenged by a number of different movements, all reliant on logic and observation.

    Of course, it took Galileo 350 years to be absolved of his disagreement with the scholastics. Maybe Blyleven will get his recognition faster.

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