THT Annual Reviews

There haven’t been a lot of on-line reviews of this year’s Hardball Times Annual, but I can point you to a couple:

TBO Sports calls it “the perfect offseason companion,” presumably because he hasn’t met Sofia Vergara from Modern Family.

– Harvey Frommer calls it “the world champ of baseball annuals,” presumably because he likes it a whole lot.

We’d like to hear more, however. If you’ve got any comments about the Annual, please leave them below. Or you can help us out by leaving a review of the Annual at, where the critical masses have been silent so far. As you know, positive Amazon reviews help sales.

And if you can’t leave a comment because you haven’t bought the Annual yet, let me help you out. Gimme feedback, people!

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  1. Ryan said...

    The Annual was great this year. I really enjoyed ALL of the articles. The Bill James piece was interesting as well. Keep up the great work.

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