THT Forecasts – 2012 fantasy price guides

In addition to the Oliver database, reports, projections, and watch lists, THT Forecasts also has a fantasy price guide that you can customize with your league specifications (although note that not all stat categories you can imagine are present yet; we’ll work on that!).

Also, the fantasy price guides are updated as the season progresses and new data are added to the Oliver database, thus changing the projections for the remainder of the season to assist you with waiver wire pick-ups, trades, etc.. You can then return to your price guide at the end of the season to evaluate players and see what they should have been worth before the season started (thus best to transfer and save your pre-season fantasy price guide for comparison).

Note that the fantasy price guide lists players according to their dollar values for an auction draft, but the rankings can still be applied to a snake draft. For a league that uses a points structure, you can switch to the customizable reports, download and open them with your favorite spreadsheet, and then include your stat-cat modifiers to calculate point totals for the players.

Finally, using Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball’s default league auction and roto settings, here are the top projected offensive players:

Pos   Players      2012 Value
C     Mike Napoli     $34
1B    Albert Pujols   $55
2B    Dan Uggla       $30
3B    Jose Bautista   $40
SS    Troy Tulowitzki $32
OF    Matt Kemp       $57
OF    Mike Stanton    $47
OF    Ryan Braun      $44
Util  Miguel Cabrera  $52
Util  Joey Votto      $46

THT Forecasts is available for the 2012 season, with Brian Cartwright’s Oliver database providing over 9000 projections for major and minor leaguers. Visit Forecasts today to learn more and sign up for only $14.95!

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