THT Forecasts – 2012 Oliver projected-WAR starting lineup

Using the 2012 Oliver database, here is the top-projected-WAR starting lineup:

Pos Player       2012 Projected WAR
P   Yu Darvish          7.0 (Wow!)
C   Joe Mauer           3.5
1B  Albert Pujols       5.5
2B  Robinson Cano       4.5
3B  Evan Longoria       4.6
SS  Troy Tulowitzki     5.6
LF  Ryan Braun*         4.6
CF  Matt Kemp           4.9
RFl Jose Bautista       3.9

* – If Braun indeed suspended for 50 games, will then substitute in Matt Holiday, 4.2 projected WAR.

Think you could construct a lineup with other players that will out-WAR the above lineup in 2012? Perhaps worth an investigation after the season!

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  1. elwin said...

    Who is the substitute for Yu Darvish? A 7.0 WAR projection seems like a problem with translating stats from Japan.

  2. Brad Johnson said...

    I’ll take a stab at this – with no repeats to boot

    Roy Halladay
    Miguel Cabrera
    Ian Kinsler
    Pablo Sandoval
    Jose Reyes
    Matt Holliday
    Jacoby Ellsbury
    Mike Stanton

    I’d really prefer to use Tulo to Reyes, but I did say no repeats…I’m also tempted to use Granderson over Ellsbury.

    It’s worth mentioning that Oliver has it’s own calculation of WAR that differs subtly from fWAR and bWar.

  3. Darren said...

    I noticed that Oliver projections have no players with negative Fielding Runs. Is this skewing the WAR figures?

  4. Brad Johnson said...

    Ha, good catch. I was debating the merits of Santana vs Napoli. A debate I will continue to have until well into the season. Let’s say Santana.

  5. rbt said...

    Yeah, I’d take that Darvish projection with a huge grain of salt.  I have a hard time accepting that for a player who has yet to throw a pitch in this country, no matter how good he was in Japan.

  6. Greg Tamer said...

    DH would be Adrian Gonzalez, 5.2 WAR. 

    Also, I overlooked Mike Stanton, since for some weird reason he is classified as “OF” instead of “RF”.  He also has a 5.2-WAR projection and should be in the starting lineup instead of Bautista.

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