THT Forecasts: 2012 subscriptions sign-up now available!

THT Forecasts is now ready for the 2012 season, with Brian Cartwright’s Oliver database providing over 9000 projections for major and minor leaguers. Visit Forecasts today to learn more and sign up for only $14.95!

Throughout the 2011-2012 offseason, THT Forecasts will be at least (1) adding more data (fielding stats!) to the player pages, (2) introducing a Forecasts blog that will inform of changes, updates, implementations, releases, fixes, etc., and also permit you to comment and make suggestions, (3) switching from pitcher projections to starting and relief pitching projections, and (4+) whatever else we can manage.

Forecasts also still offers downloadable reports, customized fantasy value guides, watch lists, playing time (PT) projections updated throughout the year (including the offseason), and player comments that will be added throughout January and February. Finally, we will be updating the Oliver database, PT projections, etc. on a semi-daily basis instead of just once a week, with the intent to update daily in the (near) future.

We look forward to helping you with your fantasy baseball and player projection and evaluation needs!

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  1. Rob said...

    Excellent! Would love to have more data available on the sortable pages (i.e. defensive stats, games played and started for pitchers, positions played, future years, etc.)

    Looking forward to the additions! Thanks!

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