THT Forecasts: second half subscription just $7.50

Greetings from THT Forecasts!

First, I want to inform our subscribers that the THT Forecasts database was updated yesterday, July 11. Brian and Bryan have been working hard all summer to have the database updated every Monday/Tuesday during the season, while our depth charters also regularly update teams’ playing time projections. The latter is reflected in the database with each weekly update.

Second, and more importantly, THT Forecasts is pleased to announce that we have created a second-half-of-the-season subscription that runs from today, July 12, through Oct. 15, 2011 for new subscribers who would like to join for the remainder of the 2011 season. We’ve cut the full-season rate in half, and the only-second-half subscription is $7.50. You can sign up here.

Please visit THT Forecasts for more information about our projection system.

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