THT Leaderboard: LD%

Stats and graphs have all been updated. Here are the top fifteen line drive producers in the major leagues (minimum 250 plate appearances):

Player        Team   LD%
Catalanotto   TOR   .258
Young M.      TEX   .256
Matthews Jr.  TEX   .244
Polanco P.    PHI   .241
Ramirez A.    CHC   .240
Gomez C.      TOR   .240
Miller D.     OAK   .239
Spivey J.     MIL   .236
Hairston Jr.  BAL   .229
Bell D.       PHI   .228
Figgins C.    ANA   .227
Klesko R.     SDP   .227
Matsui K.     NYM   .225
Overbay L.    MIL   .225
Wilson D.     SEA   .224
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