THT Leaderboard: NL Errors

We’ve updated the division race graphs in the teams section for your reading pleasure.

Also, here are some National League teams fielding stats — the number of errors for each team, along with the ratio of fielding to throwing errors. In other words, Arizona has fourteen errors, so far, with 33% more fielding errors than throwing errors.

ARI   14   1.33
ATL    8   1.67
CHC    8   1.00
CIN   15   0.67
COL    8   0.33
FLO   10   2.33
HOU   12   1.75
LAD    9   0.80
MIL   12   3.00
MON    9   1.25
NYM   17   2.40
PHI    9   0.80
PIT   17   1.67
STL   12   3.00
SDP   11   1.20
SFG   14   1.80

The Rockies and Reds have the greatest proportion of throwing errors, while the Brewers and Cardinals have relatively more problems cleanly fielding the ball.

Source: Baseball Info Solutions.

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