THT Links: First look

The early edition brings Beckett’s MRI results, potential Cubs stadium plans and a hockey game in a major league stadium.

Long road to recovery – Craig Calcaterra links a report looking at recovery rates from elbow and shoulder surgery that makes you think about drafting Francisco Liriano.

Cubs could share Cell – Maury Brown reports that the team is mulling over different potential plans for upgrading the stadium if the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority buys Wrigley Field, including temporarily sharing a home with the White Sox.

Beckett MRIs negative – Apparently, his back soreness is not being caused by a disc problem, but the Red Sox ace is still iffy for their season opening two-game series with the A’s in Japan.

Closing time – The Yankees are reportedly close to a deal that would bring a New York Rangers game to Yankee Stadium in 2009, before the stadium is demolished for good.

Stats Poz likes – Joe Posnanski runs down his favorite stats and does a good job of simply explaining concepts like OPS+ and plus/minus.

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