THT staff World Series predictions

Being a complete idiot, I forgot to include our staff’s attempt to predict the uncertain in our recent prediction article. So below the fold find out whose #### we think will work in this year’s playoffs.

Ben Jacobs          Red Sox over Mets
Brandon Isleib      Tigers over Brewers
Richard Barbieri    Cubs over Tigers
Chris Jaffe         Red Sox over Diamondbacks
John Walsh          Red Sox over Mets
John Beamer         Tigers over Cubs
Geoff Young         Diamondbacks over Tigers
Chris Neault        Red Sox over Mets
Brian Borawski      Tigers over Reds
David Gassko        Mets over Yankees
Matthew Carruth     Tigers over Mets
Craig Brown         Indians over Diamondbacks
John Barten         Red Sox over Dodgers
Lisa Gray           Braves over Angels
Steve Treder        Tigers over Mets
Sal Baxamusa        Indians over Mets
Dave Studeman       Mets over Red Sox
Bryan Tsao          Red Sox over Mets
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