Tigers plan to bring Scott Sizemore to bigs

Dave Dombrowski seems prepared to move forward with Scott Sizemore as the new starting second baseman.

During an interview, Dombrowski referred to Polanco in the past tense, and talked up Sizemore’s preparedness for duty.

Sizemore has yet to see major league action, splitting 2009 between Double-A and Triple-A. Combined, he hit .308/.389/.500, certainly suggesting that the 24-year old is ready for prime time. The article referenced above says that Sizemore isn’t as “flashy” as Polanco defensively, but “is a solid glove man with a strong arm.”

Prior to this year, Sizemore had not done anything of value with the bat. In fact, for High-A in 2008 — when he was 23, advanced for his age — he hit .286/.365/.409. Detroit, however, liked his tools and thought his power would develop and continued to promote him. He delivered.

Will he deliver in the majors? We’ll find out.

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  1. Steve @ MLBFP said...

    Hey Evan. I think all signs point to Sizemore filling in nicely for Polanco. While nobody is saying he can replace Placido’s prowess with the glove, Scott may represent a nice upgrade offensively. He has great patience in the zone with a little pop. Today, we highlighted the Tigers’ GM thoughts on Sizemore plus re-posted my thoughts from back in July. http://www.mlbfantasyprospects.com/2009/10/detroit-tigers-sizing-up-future-at-second-base-scott-sizemore-in-2010.html

  2. Jon said...

    Polanco’s glovework is a tad overrated….he’s steady on what he gets to, but his range is below marginal. He’s not getting younger. Its time to roll w/Sizemore. The little extra added power would be nice for the Tigers.

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