Top games of the week: April 10 to April 16

Another week of baseball is in the books.

The top five games of the past seven days follow:

  date                  game stars
 04-12      Rangers @ Tigers    **
 04-11 Athletics @ White Sox    **
 04-12         Reds @ Padres     *
 04-10        Cubs @ Brewers     *
 04-12 Athletics @ White Sox     *

What does it take to get a five-star game? Point to the article More than three decades of exciting games and scroll down to the 1974-to-present top 10 list: Those games set the standard for getting five stars.

The Angels @ Yankess 13-inning Game Two of the 2009 ALCS is an example of a four-stars game, while the back-to-back extra-inning affairs of the epic 2004 ALCS between Boston and New York (Game FourGame Five) would be given three stars.

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