Top games of the week: Aug. 21-27

Here are the five most exciting games from this week. For an explanation of how they were determined to be the best, see this article by Max Marchi.

 date	                    game	stars	
08-21	    Phillies @ Nationals	**	box score
08-26	        Nationals @ Reds	*	box score
08-21	         Giants @ Astros	*	box score
08-22	      Mariners @ Indians	*	box score
08-24	     Athletics @ Yankees	*	box score

While last week saw all five top games attain two-star status or higher, this week had only one two-star game. In that contest, the Nationals got a 10th-inning, walk-off win against the Phillies when Brad Lidge hit Jonny Gomes on a 1-0 pitch with the bases loaded.

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