Top games of the week: May 28 to June 4

It’s time again for the top games of the week.

 date	                    game	stars	
06-04	     Athletics @ Red Sox	**	box score
06-04	        Cubs @ Cardinals	**	box score
05-31	          Rangers @ Rays	*	box score
06-01	      Giants @ Cardinals	*	box score
06-04	      Tigers @ White Sox	*	box score

The month of May is in the books, so it’s time to rank the best games of the month as well.
Here are the top five.

 date	                  game	stars	
05-18	     Yankees @ Orioles	***	box score
05-04	      Angels @ Red Sox	***	box score
05-25	       Reds @ Phillies	***	box score
05-20	     Rockies @ Brewers	***	box score
05-06	   Nationals @ Marlins	***	box score
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