Top games of the week: May 8 to May 14

Welcome to the sixth installment of Top games of the week.

Last week one reader asked that I include the scores, so the games are easier to remember; or at least link to the box score.

I’m going with the latter. I can imagine (and that’s exactly what I had in mind when I began working on this feature) someone having a few spare hours and wanting to watch a good ballgame. I’m pretty sure not knowing/remembering how the contest turned out would only increase the experience.

So here they are:

 date	                  game	stars	
05-12	    Mariners @ Orioles	***	box score
05-09	       Twins @ Red Sox	**	box score
05-13	   Marlins @ Nationals	**	box score
05-10	    Mariners @ Orioles	**	box score
05-11	      Royals @ Yankees	*	box score

If you were in the Baltimore/Washington area you had the chance to witness three of this week’s top five games. The May 12 game ranks seventh for the season, the least among three-stars contests.

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  1. Dackle said...

    Hi Max, glad to see you’re posting these rankings. If you’re looking to rank games in the MLB.TV archives, I find the entertainment value is higher if you add two extra variables—time and attendance.

    The shorter the game, the better the “pace”. Low-scoring extra-inning games tend to score highly in the “tension” rankings, but if they last four hours they aren’t quite as fun to watch.

    Also, a well-attended game tends to be more atmospheric, and later in the season, it’s more likely it has pennant-race implications.

  2. Max Marchi said...

    very interesting points.

    I have had for a long time the idea of weighting the games for their importance in the pennant race (something like Sky Andrecheck’s CLI).

    I’ll try to use your inputs.

    Thank you.

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