Trade season is finally heating up

Earlier today, the Blue Jays agreed to send reliever Jason Frasor and starting pitcher Zach Stewart to the White Sox for Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen.

Later, the Blue Jays flipped Jackson along with Marc Rzepczynskii, Octavio Dotel and Corey Patterson to the St. Louis Cardinals for Colby Rasmus, Trever Miller, Brian Tallet and P.J. Walters.

Summing up the key people: The Cardinals wind up with Jackson, the Blue Jays with Rasmus. The White Sox get pitchers Frasor and Stewart.

Courtesy of THT’s Jeffrey Gross, here is a quick rundown of Rasmus’ home run production over Rogers Centre’s park map:

Then. the Mets agreed to send Carlos Beltran to the Giants for prospect Gary Brown and others (one of whom is rumored to be Zach Wheeler, apologies to Giant fans if true). This deal hasn’t become finalized but the Giants decision to include Brown may have pushed them past the Phillies… who, smartly, refused to include Domonic Brown in their package to the rival Mets.

Gary Brown is a 2010 first round pick out of Cal State Fullerton. He will be 23 years old at the end of this season and will be expected to be put on the developmental fast track in New York.

So far, GMs Alex Anthopoulos in Toronto and Sandy Alderson in New York are looking like clear winners as the deadline floodgates begin to open. Congrats to Alderson and Mets fans for getting a favorable deal done since most reports over the previous few days didn’t expect Beltran to net anything higher than a few fringe prospects.

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  1. Jeffrey Gross said...

    The map is actually courtesy of’s tool (I just did the clicking), but thanks for the shout out!

  2. Brian Standing said...

    Later reports are suggesting that it’s Zack Wheeler and cash for Beltran. Brown’s not in the deal.  Still a good deal for the Mets, in my opinion.  Actually, it’s probably a good deal for SF, too.  Hard to imagine them repeating without some more pop in the lineup.

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