A common mistake made by baseball fans is to call a pitcher unhittable when that pitcher is not Matt Thornton. His stuff is the best in baseball, and today, he demonstrated why his fastball is truly unhittable.

Thornton entered the ninth inning to face three very accomplished hitters in Grady Sizemore, Shin-Soo Choo, and Travis Hafner. One problem. They’re all left-handed. Zero. Chance.







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  1. Jeremy Greenhouse said...

    RZ and Kampfer, I’m not sure what you guys mean. Movement isn’t linear in that it can be less or more. In what way was the movement different? Anyway, the velocity and location alone are astounding.

  2. RZ said...

    Nice. Although when I checked the data, it seemed like Thornton had a lot less movement on his fastball than he had last season.

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