Unreal.  Just unreal

A little bit ago, I checked today’s scoreboard and noticed:

1) the Cubs beat the eminently beatable Pirates

2) the Cards trailed in the ninth inning against Milwaukee.

This was news, you see, because the Cubs haven’t gained a game in the standing on St. Louis since August 3. Yes, really. That was 37 frickin’ days ago!

So, I got all hyped up to do a little blurb here noting that and placing this streak in context by listing some events that took place in history which didn’t take as long as 37 days: for example, the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, the papacy of Pope John Paul I, every Olympiad, the presidency of William Henry Harrison, etc.

However, after logging in here, I checked back and – surprise, surprise – found out that the Cards now led the Brewers. They came back in the ninth in the time it took me to merely think up this idea.

The game just ended. St. Louis won. They’re 25-7 since August 3. The Cubs are 14-19 in that time. This is now the sixth consecutive week St. Louis hasn’t conceded any ground. Jesus H. Christ.

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  1. Tim said...

    August 3rd was an off day for the Cardinals – they didn’t concede anything. July 30th was the last time the Cubs gained a proper game on the Cardinals.

    So I’d argue the streak is at 40 days, either way it’s beyond ridiculous…

    then again, we’re talking about a franchise that hasn’t been to the World Series since before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier…Moses ain’t got nuthin on them

  2. Todd said...

    =D =D =D =D =D =D

    The other interesting thing was that Holliday’s HR off Hoffman was the first by a Cardinal off Hoffman since Rolen took him deep in 2006.

  3. erik said...

    He’s only a billion people’s savior on the planet, so go ahead and keep taking his name in vain, no one really cares. /sacrasm.

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