Updated Stats Now Available

All stats and graphs (including Win Shares) have been updated through Thursday’s games. Here’s a list of the top run creators in each league, including all batters with 95 or more Runs Created:

First, the National:

Player      Team   RC
Bonds B.    SFG   157
Pujols A.   STL   133
Rolen S.    STL   124
Abreu B.    PHI   119
Edmonds J.  STL   112
Drew J.     ATL   111
Berkman L.  HOU   110
Beltre A.   LAD   109
Loretta M.  SDP   108
Casey S.    CIN   102
Helton T.   COL   102
Dunn A.     CIN   101
Alou M.     CHC    96
Thome J.    PHI    95
Lee D.      CHC    95

And the American:

Player      Team   RC
Suzuki I.   SEA   121
Sheffield G.NYY   115
Ramirez M.  BOS   114
Ortiz D.    BOS   110
Tejada M.   BAL   104
Matsui H.   NYY   104
Guerrero V. ANA   103
Guillen C.  DET   102
Blalock H.  TEX   101
Lee C.      CHW    97
Guillen J.  ANA    97
Young M.    TEX    97
Mora M.     BAL    96
Hafner T.   CLE    96
Rodriguez A.NYY    95
Damon J.    BOS    95
Durazo E.   OAK    95

As a reminder, our Runs Created formula includes each batter’s clutch hitting stats.

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