Updates and Oddities

Graphs and stats were updated this morning, and are current through Sunday’s games. I noticed a few things while pulling the stats together:

- You probably know this, but Boston’s pitching has been seriously good. Their team ERA, 3.24, is more than a full run better than the second place team (Anaheim).
- The leading offenses in the AL are the Tigers and Orioles. and Rangers if you don’t adjust for ballpark. Isn’t that just plain weird? Especially considering that the Tigers’ ONLY good hitter from last year (Dmitri Young) has been out most of this year.
- And the second-best N.L. offense, after ballpark adjustment, is Milwaukee’s?
- What happened to Charles Johnson’s arm? He’s only thrown out 5 of 22 basestealers. His backup, Todd Greene, has nabbed one of twelve.
- Six of the seven leaders in Mets’ Run Created weren’t with the team last year.
- This is preliminary, but it appears that Barry Bonds is on pace for about 60 Win Shares, which would break Honus Wagner’s record of 58. Which tells you what a great year Wagner had in 1908.

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