1. Dave Studeman said...

    Looks great, Kevin.  Obviously, lots of really good pitchers with long careers, but one name that jumpes out for me is Glendon Rusch, who didn’t have that long a career but looks to have a pretty big font size.

  2. Clave Jones said...

    How I admired this guy when I was a kid! This is a fun idea.  Would’ve been nice if it was shaped like a baseball though.

  3. Kahuna Tuna said...

    Here’s a bit of Ken Griffey, Jr. home-run trivia, courtesy of Baseball Reference’s “Vs. Pitcher” feature.

    Billy Brewer (about 1:30 in the diagram) surrendered three homers in seven plate appearances, which is the highest HR/PA rate for any pitcher who faced Junior 5+ times.

    Two pitchers faced Griffey twice and served him up gopher balls both times:  Brad Pennington and Mel Rojas.

    Most times facing Griffey without giving up a home run:  Todd Stottlemyre, 40, and Roy Oswalt, 38.  Kenny Rogers allowed one HR in Griffey’s 56 plate appearances against him.

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