Visual Baseball:  Introducing AfterGlow

Happy Friday. Here’s a new visual that I’d like to take for a spin today. It’s pretty simple, plotting a team’s trajectory over the last five seasons in terms of runs scored and run allowed. Here’s a sneak peek at a team that has been heading in the wrong direction for several years. During the next week I can share more AfterGlow visuals as a way of previewing MLB’s eight playoff teams. A simple “more” will do…


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  1. Jeffrey Gross said...

    Oh wow this is cool! I was going to do a 10-year team WAR splits chart during the winter, but I’ll defer to this!

    Great work

  2. J-Doug said...

    Big fan of this—can’t wait to see it for other teams.

    Also, didn’t know anyone was still using Chicago as a typeface anymore.

  3. Dave Studeman said...

    Cool.  Basically a time series of the runs scored/allowed graphic I use in the Graphical Report and THT Annual.  (Buy yours now!)

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