Visual Baseball:  Rangers and Twins AfterGlow

Today’s installment of AfterGlow features the remaining AL playoff contenders, the Rangers and Twins. The Rangers have come a long way since 2008, with major improvements in pitching and returning to where they were in 2006. (Note: some of the ranking data I used for these visuals is a few days old and some of the rankings have shifted a bit since then).


The Twins are another team that got where they are today via big improvements in pitching, although for the last 5 years they’ve consistently lived in “the better part of town” when it comes to pitching and defense.


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  1. Greg Simons said...

    Kevin, these are very cool graphs.  Interesting that the Rangers are right back where they were four years ago.

    Also, I’d love to see the Cardinals when you have the chance.  Going back to 2004, when they were so darn good, would be even better, but now I’m getting greedy.

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