Visual Baseball:  Rankometer and the AL Central

Since there was a desire for more than just the AL East….

(FYI, I’m aware that some of the players in Rankometer have been traded to other teams. For now just let’s view this as a recap of the first half of the season).



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  1. ChisoxfanPurdue said...

    These are great little graphics to look at real quick.  It shows some very interesting things such as where teams can improve (White Sox at second base but Beckham seems to have turned it on).  Thanks for doing another Division.  I understand why the AL East is a popular one to look at with the two top teams and three of the top handful along with the Blue Jays not being too shabby.

  2. Jim G. said...

    Can Carlos Santana looks so far ahead of any other catcher in the Central on such a small sample size?

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