Visual Baseball:  Rankometer and the AL East

Happy Friday. Here’s a look at the AL East, courtesy of Rankometer. I decided to display all 5 of the teams in the division on one page to make comparisons easier. (To zoom in on a particular team’s Rankometer, just click on it and it will zoom in.)

When I look at the AL East offenses (measured by OPS) and starting pitching (measured by FIP), Tampa Bay looks surprisingly average, while Toronto looks pretty strong. In the future I’ll use Rankometer to examine other important aspects of a team, such as bullpen, defense, and perhaps even break down offense a bit more (on base percentage, power, base running).



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  1. ChisoxfanPurdue said...

    I love looking at this stuff.  I would love to see this stuff for other divisions rather than the AL East-coast Bias.

  2. spark said...

    When was this compiled?  For one, CC’s ERA is currently 3.09.  It’s been over a month since it was as high as 3.75.  I’d love to see these charges updated.  Pretty sure Toronto would not look as good with more up to date stats.

  3. Kevin said...

    Hi Spark, the data in Rankometer is current, but it’s showing FIP (Fielder Independent Pitching on an ERA scale) which seems to be a more insightful stat to use than simple ERA.  Sabathia’s FIP is 3.75, which shows the big guy’s ERA is a little misleading.

    Regarding the other comment, yes, I am way too AL oriented (and a bit AL East oriented as well).  Thanks for keeping me honest – I’ll try to start showing more stuff from other divisions!

  4. Jacob Rothberg said...

    I love these graphs. Love them.

    Dana Eveland is no longer on the Jays, neither is Alex Gonzalez.

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