W: Felix Cespedes

Last week, Felix Cespedes, an 18-year-old pitcher for the DSL Phillies, threw nine perfect innings, striking out 14. For that, he got a no-decision, leaving him at 0-4 on the season.

As I noted last week, Cespedes has been dealing all season, but the run support just hasn’t been there. Finally, after another fantastic outing, Cespedes landed in the win column yesterday. Seven innings, one hit, one walk, and nine strikeouts. Making it all the more impressive, he did that against the DSL A’s, whose offense was responsible for his one bad outing of the season.

Cespedes’s ERA is now a solid 3.02, but it pales in comparison to his FIP, which is below 2.00. 82 strikeouts in 66 innings will do that for you.

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