Wanted: THT programmer

The Hardball Times doesn’t quite run itself. In particular, Bryan Donovan has been helping out behind the scenes for many years now, building the code for our stats and THT Forecasts. Unfortunately, Bryan doesn’t have as much time as he used to and we’re looking for additional programming help.

We’d like someone with expertise in the following:

– SQL and PHP
– Ruby on Rails
– Statistics
– Baseball

Some experience in fantasy baseball would be a big plus, too. Bryan has built a lot of code so a new person will have to get up to speed with it and then add their own expertise. The good news is that Bryan isn’t going anywhere and he’ll be around to provide assistance. He just doesn’t have as much time as he used to.

There is some money involved but, honestly, not a lot. This is another one of those “for the love of…” things. But we have a great time here at THT, and most of our new folks really enjoy themselves if they survive the orientation process. That Harry Pavlidis can be brutal.

If you’ve got the background, skills and interest, please drop me an email.

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