Welcome to 1,000 wins, Charlie Manuel

Last night, the Phillies beat Atlanta, 5-1, and in doing so gave a nice little milestone to manager Charlie Manuel. This win marked Manuel’s 1,000 career victory as a baseball field general. He’s the 59th member of the club and one of eight still managing. (Care to guess who the other still-actives are? Give it a few seconds and check the bottom of this piece.)

Manuel has a pretty good record for a new member, with just 824 losses versus his 1,000 wins. That’s the 19th-fewest losses for a manager who won his 1,000th game. A lot of the guys ahead of him are the really ancient guys. For example, all of the first seven members of the 1,000-win club had fewer than 824 losses when they joined. (Club win-loss records were more extreme back then.)

In the last 50 years, Manuel’s 1,000-824 record is the seventh best of the 35 managers who have joined the club. So welcome to the club, Charlie Manuel.

Now, for the active members of the 1,000-win club, below the fold:

(Dusty Baker, Bruce Bochy, Charlie Manuel, Buck Showalter, Jim Leyland, Davey Johnson, Terry Francona, and Mike Scioscia all have notched their 1,000th managerial win. Ron Gardenhire likely will join the group by the end of the season.)

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