Willie Randolph opens up

Willie Randolph has penned his own article for the Daily News, covering the details of how he was fired. Here’s a tip to Omar Minaya and all of you who may fire people in the future: Tell them at the beginning of the discussion. Don’t draw it out. Only makes it worse. Take it from someone who’s been on both ends of the conversation.

Here’s part of Randolph’s take:

And you know what’s also on me? The dumb, and horribly timed, remarks I made to a New Jersey reporter after we took two straight from the Yankees last month, when what I thought were private remarks became very public.

The bottom line is that by suggesting that the color of my skin had something to do with how I was judged, I did nothing but sow the seeds of my demise. I kick myself about that every day. It makes me angry – and really sad.

Randolph comes across as surprised but not particularly bitter.

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