Win Shares Trade Review

Win Shares have been updated, as of Thursday’s games. One of the fun things Win Shares allows you to do is review the impact that trades have had on teams, regardless of the types of players involved. So I took a look of some of this year’s most significant deals.

The Vazquez deal: The Yankees got Javier Vazquez for Nick Johnson, Juan Rivera and Randy Choate (since traded to Arizona). On the surface, this trade is even so far, as both Vazquez and the package he was traded for have eleven Win Shares. However, Vazquez has two WSAA, while the package of three are a cumulative negative (5) WSAA. So far, the Yankees have gotten the better deal.

The Sexson deal: The Brewers traded Richie Sexson to the Diamondbacks for a plethora of seemingly mediocre players, but the Brewers have gotten the much better deal. The players they obtained have contributed 45 Win Shares, and 4 WSAA. Unfortunately, Sexson’s injury has limited him to 4 Win Shares, 1 WSAA.

The A-Rod deal: Of course, those two deals were also about money, and this deal was the ultimate money deal. But remember how some writers stated that the Rangers may have come out even, talent-wise? These numbers should stop that daftiness: A-Rod has 20 WS, 7 WSAA and Soriano has 12 and -1.

Frasor for Werth: The Dodgers and Blue Jays traded a couple of decent overlooked players. Jason Frasor has been a huge help in Toronto’s bullpen, with 9 Win Shares and 5 WSAA. Werth has also contributed significantly to the Dodgers’ cause, totaling 7 WS and 2 WSAA.

The Astro’s outfielders: During the season, Houston traded Richard Hidalgo to the Mets and picked up Carolos Beltran soon after. But the two outfielders have had similar impacts for their teams. Beltran has 5 WS, 0 WSAA for the Astros and Hidalgo is at 6 WS, 0 WSAA for the Mets. Meanwhile, the package they picked up for Hidalgo (Weathers and Griffiths) is at 1 and -2. And Octavio Dotel has 2 WS and -1 WSAA for the A’s.

The Twins and Phillies made an offseason trade, which has definitely favored the Twins. Eric Milton has 7 WS and 0 WSAA for the Phillies, while Carlos Silva and Nick Punto have combined for 14 WS and 3 WSAA.

And finally, the Braves and Cardinals made what was, in retrospect, probably the most pivotal trade of the offseason when the Cards dealt JD Drew and Eli Marrero to the Braves for Jason Marquis, Ray King and Adam Wainwright. Marquis and King have been big contributors to the Cardinal surprising success on the mound, with a total of 17 Win Shares and 8 WSAA. And Drew and Marrero have been even better, contributing 33 WS and 15 WSAA to the Braves’ equally surprising record.

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