Yet another baseball stat

In an amusing article at the Wall Street Journal, David Biderman takes a peak at how many words per minute different baseball broadcasters speak during a game (look for FanGraphs to start tracking WPM in the near future). The study is by no means scientific, so all you people who love to scream “small sample size” are henceforth forewarned. I live in New York, but for some reason I get WGN as part of my TV package, which shows Cubs and White Sox games. About a month ago I watched the same Yankees-White Sox game on both YES (the Yankees broadcasting station) and WGN, and couldn’t help but notice that YES sounded like my school’s dining hall while WGN sounded like its library. These numbers don’t confirm that, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.

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  1. Mike said...

    Can’t speak to the yankees broadcast, but when the White Sox are getting beat, Hawk Harrelson is usually really quiet.

    His typical home run call in a blow out goes something like:“Uh oh……..And it’s NINE – two.”

  2. howie said...

    if i remember, daniel we watched that one together and quiet (was nice) or noisy is secondary to THE YANKEEEES WIN.  Go study. Dad

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